Commitment Ceremony

Why a Commitment Ceremony and not a Wedding?

Commitment ceremonies have become increasingly popular among same sex partners (who are unable to marry under Australian Law).

Couples who do not wish to get married but want to express their commitment, values and love for each other and also to their family and friends. As well as couples that have decided on a lengthy engagement may decide on a commitment ceremony before their big day.

There are no legal requirements and no rules to how a commitment ceremony should be performed.  It’s entirely up to the individual couple.

I can personally tailor your commitment ceremony to your specific needs and wants.  You decide on a traditional or modern, structured or a relaxed ceremony, the choice is yours. You may also include music, rituals, elements, poetry or anything that is symbolic in your relationship.

A as a guideline, the following structure would be included in a Commitment Ceremony.

I personally welcome and greet all guests and the couple and provide a few words about commitment specific to the couple’s relationship.

This is your declaration of commitment to each other where you make a promise. Some couples prefer to write their own vows and I can help you with ideas and suggestions.

Anything goes!  Bring your favourite song, poetry, reading, quote or personal writings or view my samples for ideas.

Exchange (of rings, gift or something uniquely symbolic to your relationship)
Rings are very symbolic in both wedding and commitment ceremonies but you can exchange a gift that has meaning and relevance to your relationship.  Words such as “I give you this gift as a symbol of my love, commitment and promise to you” can be used during the Exchange. This is optional and no exchange has to take place, it is completely up to you.

Announcement of Commitment
I announce to the guests your unity which you may seal with a kiss and also offer you a professionally printed certificate which can be signed by all parties as a keepsake.

A basic Commitment Ceremony costs $400 and includes the following:

  • Unlimited consultation by phone, email and in person.
  • Choice of ceremony from my personalised samples or a ceremony crafted by me for you.
  • A beautifully presented copy of your Ceremony Certificate as a keepsake
  • Officiate at your Ceremony

For more information please contact me on 0407 411 472 or email gramatia@lifeceremony.com.au