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Celebrant Services

From the joyous union of weddings to the renewal of vows that reaffirm enduring love, from the radiant arrival of a new life in baby namings to the triumphant commencement of a new chapter in graduation ceremonies, and from the courage-filled journey of new beginnings to the heartwarming embrace of foster and adoption ceremonies –

Gramatia Toula Young, Celebrant at Life Ceremony

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  • An intimate and effortlessly elegant wedding in your chosen location (...

    From $550
  • Crafting Perfection: Your Dream Wedding, Just Perfect

    From $1000
  • Your love story deserves to be celebrated on a grand scale. exceeding ...

    From $1390
  • Renew Your Love: Vow Renewal Ceremonies for Timeless Commitment

    From $550
  • Baby Namings: Welcoming New Life with Love and Celebration

    From $450
  • Gracefully mark the end of one chapter and welcome the beginning of a ...

    From $400
  • Honour the remarkable journeys that led you to your child/ren

    From $450
  • Celebrating Achievements and Commencement of Success

    From $400

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