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Meet your Celebrant

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HI! I'm Gramatia Toula Young, but everyone calls me Toula. An Aussie born with Greek heritage, and my journey has been one of love, laughter, and cross-cultural connections. Growing up in the vibrant suburb of Balmain, I've woven my unique experiences into my passion for officiating beautiful wedding ceremonies. Since 2013, my family and I have found our home in the picturesque Sutherland Shire, and it's a place we truly love.

I married a man who wasn't Greek, just like the iconic Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In fact, our love story had a twist - we had not one, but two weddings, just two days apart! One in a Catholic church and the other in a Greek Orthodox church. That experience ignited my understanding of the beauty in blending cultures and traditions, and it's why I'm dedicated to creating ceremonies that unite families and friends while supporting couples on their journey into marriage.


Embracing Diversity and Tradition

My commitment to respecting values, traditions, and communities is the cornerstone of my work. I thrive on crafting ceremonies that are personal, professional, and, above all, fun! Specialising in multi-cultural weddings, I've had the privilege of incorporating Greek wedding rituals, like the Stefana (Exchanging of the Crowns), into beautiful moments. I firmly believe in the importance of bringing people together and honouring all cultures.


As a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ marriage, I'm honoured to have officiated same-sex weddings and reinvented traditions with authenticity and integrity. In 2008, I was appointed as a Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant, and every ceremony I've been a part of has enriched my experience and deepened my commitment to creating exceptional moments.


Bringing Dreams to Life

With a background in event and project management, I bring invaluable skills to the table. Collaborating with your wedding service providers, from photographers to planners, my goal is to ensure your special day unfolds seamlessly.


So, if you're seeking a Marriage Celebrant who not only understands cultures and communities but also has the expertise to make your wedding day truly unique and fun, let's connect.


I can't wait to hear your story and create a ceremony that reflects the love and life you're embarking on.


Warmest wishes, Toula

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