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Adoption and Foster Care Ceremony by Celebrant Gramatia Toula Young

Adoption and Foster Care Ceremony

  • From $450

Service Description

Marking Milestones, Honouring Bonds In addition to traditional baby naming ceremonies, I am dedicated to creating adoption and foster care ceremonies that honour the remarkable journeys that led you to your child/ren. These ceremonies are a beautiful way to acknowledge the profound connection you share and to formally celebrate the unity of your family. What to Expect • Personalisation: Whether your child is newly born, adopted, or welcomed through foster care, the ceremony will be thoughtfully customised to reflect their unique story and your family's values. • Rituals and Readings: We can incorporate meaningful rituals, readings, or symbols that honour your child's heritage, the circumstances of their arrival, and the love you share. • Inclusion: Your extended family, friends, and even members of your child's adoption or foster care journey can be involved, creating a sense of community and support. Uniting Hearts and Creating Memories A baby naming and adoption / foster care celebration is a powerful way to unite hearts, creating a lasting memory that resonates with your child/ren as they grow. It's an affirmation of your devotion and a joyous way to introduce your child to the world and your loved ones. Contact Me If you're ready to celebrate the newest addition to your family, whether through birth, adoption, or foster care, I am here to guide you in crafting a meaningful ceremony that captures the essence of your journey. Please get in touch to discuss your wishes and to start planning a ceremony that beautifully reflects your family's story. Warmest wishes, Toula

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