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Bells & Whistles Wedding Ceremony Package by Celebrant Gramatia Toula Young

Bells and Whistles Wedding Ceremony

  • From $1390

Service Description

For couples who dream of a wedding that encapsulates the grandeur of your love story, our "Bells and Whistles Wedding Package" is your opportunity to indulge in every detail and create a celebration that exceeds all expectations. Key Features: • Grand Celebrations: Share your joy with over 250 to 500 cherished guests, ensuring that your love story resonates throughout the grandest of gatherings. • Tailored Ceremony Design: Your ceremony will be meticulously crafted to match your vision, providing a canvas for your unique love story. • Unlimited Personalisation: Enjoy a personalised wedding script with unlimited revisions, ensuring that every word and sentiment aligns perfectly with your hearts. • Comprehensive Wedding Kit: Receive an electronic copy of our wedding kit, complete with sample scripts, vows, rituals, poems, music, and vital legal information as required by the Marriage Act. • Heartfelt Readings and Rituals: Infuse your ceremony through an unlimited number of poems, readings by family and friends, and spiritual or cultural rituals. • Document Management: We'll ensure that all original documents, including birth certificates, divorce papers, death certificates, and foreign passports, are impeccably prepared. • Effortless Lodgement: Trust us to handle the lodgement of certificates and supporting documents with the BDM to officially register your marriage. • Dual Certificates: Receive both Commemorative and Standard Certificates of Marriage, offering a tangible representation of your union. • Statutory Declaration Guidance: We'll provide assistance with the presentation and witnessing of Statutory Declaration forms, ensuring a smooth process. • Relationship Support: Benefit from valuable documentation on Relationship Support Services to navigate your journey as a married couple. • Seamless Logistics: Parking costs and travel to/from the wedding venue within a 50km radius from my home office are included. • Flexible Timing: Choose a weekend or weekday that suits your schedule, ensuring your grand celebration unfolds exactly as you envision. • Personal Connections: Enjoy an extensive five meetings with our celebrant, unlimited phone and email exchanges, and a dedicated wedding rehearsal. • AV Enhancement: Your ceremony will be amplified with top-notch AV equipment, ensuring that every word reaches each of your guests. Your love story deserves to be celebrated on a grand scale. Our "Bells and Whistles Wedding Package" offers an opulent experience.

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